Our in person worship services are back as of June 6, 2020! We are so excited to welcome everyone back to church with just a few guidelines listed below.

*We are not afraid of your face, we are respecting your space. Face masks recommended for anyone over age 10 yet not required.

*It is recommended to sit at least 6 feet from any persons you may not be in contact with on a daily basis. It is also understood that you may want to keep the space when entering and leaving church. Please gently communicate that desire with others who may forget, such as the children of the church.

*If you have a fever or any symptoms of Covid19, then please choose to stay home.

*You will find that hymnals, Bibles, and pens have been removed from the Sanctuary.

  • If you would like a black hymnal to keep, please take one.
  • We recommend bringing your own Bible or using a Bible app. If these options are not available to you then there are Bibles available to take, use, and keep.
  • If you need a pen to use, you will find them on the table in the entry. It is yours to keep.

*The collection of offering and children's offering will be different. It is best to give online, if you can. You can give you offering here.

*Sabbath School will also happen with as much social distancing as possible.

*Potluck is cancelled until further notice. There is to be no preparation of food at the church for any reason. We encourage you to gather in small groups in your own way such as your own home or a park. 

We will continue to have our Sabbath services live streamed at about 10 a.m. on YouTube

Our prayers are still with you. If you have specific prayer requests or needs, please click here for support.

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